The Most Important Step

Hey everybody! It’s Susan (Byron’s wife) 🙂

Over the last 11 years I’ve watched Byron build a big team & have a lot of success. And I’ve asked lots of times “What are you doing different? Why have you had success & other people have struggled?” I’m not sure I can tell you a “formula,” but I have observed quite a few things he does that some others don’t. As he brings you videos & blogs in this redesigned SchragBlog site, I hope to bring you some of my observations & give you some insight.

In this first video Byron tells you his “most important step.” I hope you will take the time to study it & break it down. Not just watch it & say “yeah I already did that.” Did you really? If you wish your business & income were bigger, this step deserves some of your time & energy. Really examine it. Ask yourself some hard questions.

One of the reasons Byron has had success – I believe – is his ability to be consistent in his effort & unemotional about his results. His mindset stays the same. He stays focused on his goals even when his immediate results are less than desired. He sees the vision even when his reality doesn’t match his vision.

He “stays on the line” that will take him to where he wants to go even when life tries to distract him. He casts vision for himself & his team.

How can he do that? How does he do it differently than someone else who started their business the same time he did but hasn’t had his level of success?

He’s pulling back the curtain as he creates this blog. So, as you watch this first video, spend some time on it. Make notes for yourself & your life. Ask yourself how it applies to you. Pray through it. How can you take this info & apply it to your life & live the dreams that God put in your heart? It all starts with this first & “most important step…”

The Most Important Step from Byron Schrag on Vimeo.


Step 1- The Most Important Step        Step 2 – Commitment        Step 3 – The List        Step 4 – Inviting

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    • Jacqueline Powell
    • February 4, 2017

    Luv it…Byron you are the bomb !!! From the marriage retreat, to momentum, to last year boot camp!!! Thanks for your leadership