Thanks for coming to our site. Our goal with this site is to give you the courage to chase the dreams that God put in your heart. And to give you a mechanism or a vehicle to help you get closer to those dreams.


Who is Byron?

Byron is a serial entrepreneur from the country. He loves to hunt and fish and is passionate about his family. In 2005 Byron found himself not able to deliver for his family. The bills weren’t getting paid, relationships were not very good, bill collectors were calling daily, and frustration & stress were extremely high. As Byron tells the story, "I knew in my heart – because we live in America – that it didn’t have to stay like this. A friend introduced me to another way and that changed everything." He is a no BS, "tell it like it is" speaker. You won't get fluff. His mission in life is to help people live the dreams God has put in their hearts.




Do you feel like God has a plan for you and you haven't figured it out yet? You're right! He does have a plan for you! 

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