Step 4 – Inviting

Inviting. Something that lots of people struggle with. Something Byron struggled with when he first learned how to build teams. So I ask myself “How did Byron get good at inviting? What did he do different? Why has he had success in building teams & so many others haven’t?” I believe one reason is that he was willing to be bad at inviting! I know…no one wants to be bad at inviting (or any other important skill)! But none of us are good at it when we first start. We have to be willing to be bad at it until we can get good at it. Know what I mean? Byron was coachable & teachable & he was willing to try to invite even when he wasn’t good at it. So many people want to get good at it before they try it. That’s backwards! You’re going to have to mess it up. Probably lots of times! But the more you do it the better you get at it. That’s what happened to Byron. He has some good tips for you in this video. But, after you watch the video it’s up to you. Get laser focused on your “why,” (see Step 1 video for more on your why) be willing to be bad at inviting & keep doing it till you get good at it. Can’t wait to hear all your crazy stories of being bad at it!


SchragBlog Step 4 from Byron Schrag on Vimeo.

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    Awesome touch up for me. Kind of like a refresher course. Thank you. I would love to see more ways that minority women can meet and get more people to listen to the concept. I get a ton of promise but no show, no call, no answers. I’m hitting a brick wall. I love listening to all the coaching videos. Soooo helpful. I can’t thank you enough.