Dead Bears 1

What does it mean when Byron says “You Can’t Push a Dead Bear Up a Tree”? Good question! This is part 1 of a 3 part series that answers that question and several more questions like…”Am I a dead bear? Have I been trying to push dead bears up trees? How do I wake up a bear that’s not dead but is in hibernation?”

Dead Bears 1 from Byron Schrag on Vimeo.

Cliff Notes for those who want to read instead of watch. Please understand that this is a paraphrase of Byron’s video. If you want to hear it how he really says it, be sure to watch the video 🙂 

“You can’t push a dead bear up a tree.” How does this apply to WorldVentures?

One of the biggest mistakes new reps make is they get started, add a handful of customers & then sit back & watch. They get frustrated cuz they’re waiting for someone else to do what they did. They’re trying to push a dead bear up a tree!

One of the keys to building teams is to continue to add customers. Byron recommends you get 30+ customers. And do it in a short enough time period to create growth. Byron tells his experience… He liked being a customer and traveling, but he chose to join WorldVentures to be rep. That was his focus. He added 30 customers in his first 30 days!

He believes in the law of averages. You add enough customers & some of them will want to be a rep & do what you did. Generally, 20% will engage in building a team. Oftentimes, the problem is that a rep wants it more for their new reps than they want it for themselves. People get caught “building with their heart instead of their head.” They are trying to push dead bears up trees!

Some bears aren’t actually dead. They’re in hibernation. They’re waiting for you to prove that it works. You’re the one that’s going to lead the pack if they’re going to have a chance to come out of hibernation. As we move into WorldVentures 2.0 with the Flye card, if you want to put yourself in a position to capitalize, add more customers. Stop pushing dead bears up trees!

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