The Resistance is the Multiplier

Good day SchragBlog! Today Byron tackles a topic none of us want to think about, but all of us experience. Resistance. The things that are slowing us down or blocking us from achieving our goals. We all have resistance. You probably wish you didn’t have it. But, the truth is the resistance is making you stronger & will have a multiplication effect if you keep going. If we don’t have resistance, our results won’t be as good. Like a butterfly fighting its way out of a cocoon, the resistance makes its wings stronger. If the cocoon is cut open, the butterfly gets out easy, but it’s wings aren’t strong enough to fly & it will die. It needs the resistance to develop its strength. We, too need the resistance. Listen in as Byron explains more about how “The resistance is the multiplier” and how that applies to you & your business.


Resistance 1 from Byron Schrag on Vimeo.

Byron learned about this topic a long time ago & he didn’t like learning about it. “The resistance is the multiplier.”In his early 20s Byron was mentored by a successful businessman named Pat. Pat told him repeatedly that “The resistance is the multiplier.” Whenever he was frustrated & business wasn’t advancing the way he wanted it to, Pat would say it again. Byron got tired of hearing “the resistance is the multiplier.” He & Susan asked each other “when does the multiplier actually happen?”

Over time, though, Byron realized that his mentor, Pat was full of wisdom. He realized his dreams were just on the other side of resistance. He realized that by continuing to push against the resistance it was “kind of like making deposits in the north bank & someday I would take them out in the south bank.” Many years later Byron learned about WorldVentures and he went to work and all those years of resistance allowed the multiplier effect to start happening. He had learned many things during those years of resistance that now allowed him to successfully build his team in WorldVentures. Pat had also told him repeatedly… “Sometimes it takes a long time to become an overnight success.” Pat was right.

Many people are bargaining & wishing they didn’t have resistance. The problem with that is that you need the resistance. The resistance multiplies you. It makes you stronger & better. You need to recognize what you are experiencing. Recognize the friends of resistance…

Good Friends of Resistance:
– Procrastination is a good friend of resistance!
Procrastination is the assassination of your dreams
– Discouragement is a good friend of resistance!
Everyone gets discouraged, the question is how long do you stay discouraged?
– The lies that you tell yourself are good friends of resistance!
The idiot in your head is a LIAR!!
– Fear is a good friend of resistance!

The Enemies of Resistance:
– Perseverance can overcome all obstacles!
When the rock and the stream meet.. the stream always wins! Perseverance overcomes all obstacles. Say to yourself “I’m gonna stay after it long enough to get better.. I’m gonna keep after it and show one more person.. go to one more training…
– Courage is another enemy of resistance!
When everyone else won’t, you will! You can decide to be courageous. You can decide that your dreams are worth the resistance. Remember your dreams are just on the other side of resistance.
Say “I’m never gonna quit.” “I will until.” “I’m gonna continue on until I achieve the dreams God put in my heart”
-Truth is an enemy of resistance

Don’t let the “friends of resistance” deter you from your dreams. Over the next couple of weeks, think about the resistance you have in your life. How you will take perseverance & courage & truth & push through the resistance? Quit worrying about the resistance. Figure out how you can work with the resistance so you have a chance to win.

The challenge for you…

If you will allow the resistance to multiply you, your story can impact thousands if not millions of people.

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    I am not sure which IMD, I am under.
    New season
    Ready to work!

    Looking forward to a new season ?

    • Stan Littral
    • September 21, 2017

    Great Video Byron.

    I live in KY and am a guy like you who grew up hunting and fishing.

    Been in Networking for 40 years and want to make WV my LAST company.

    I share the common sense approach that you have.

    Joined WV a month ago and am in Dave Kiniry’s and Andy Germ’s downline.

    Dave Rolfe in California is my sponsor.

    Hope we have the opportunity to meet at some point.

    • Bart Struble
    • August 1, 2017

    Thank you great topic thanks for taking time to share

    • Denise Wilson
    • July 30, 2017


    • Colleen Custer
    • July 30, 2017

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO AND WISDOM BEYOND WORDS BYRON! Perfect timing! God’s universe is truly amazing!

    • Jeffrey Berlier
    • July 30, 2017

    Awesome Byron.
    Love it. Sharing with the team. It’s some of the best advise to give to all family and friends. Everyday advise for all. Thank You. Had an awesome time Turkey Hunting with you and the guys last May. Hope to see you again at Dan’s place for a future Pheasant hunting. Something I wanted to do all my life and never got that chance. Running my own business for 30 years. All work and no play, now I’m working to play. God Bless!