Step 8

Happy 2017! It’s Susan & today I’m bringing you the last step in the 8 Steps to Success! In this video Byron shares with you how he really didn’t want to do the things that were required in this step. Most of us have things we don’t want to do. That’s kinda normal. One of the things that sets Byron apart from so many people who want to develop a successful network marketing team is his willingness to learn from someone who has the success he wants. We all want the success. We all have areas of team-building that make us uncomfortable. Some people will do the uncomfortable things & some won’t. Which will you choose? I hope that in this new year, you will battle through the uncomfortable areas & do the things that will bring you the success you want. Here’s to a great year! Cheers!


Step 8 – The Final Step from Byron Schrag on Vimeo.


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