Step 6 – Enrolling

Hello! This week Byron shares Step 6 of his 8 Steps for Building Your Team. Good stuff! As I watched this video I was thinking about all of you & wondering, again, how to help you really dig into the information & get the most out of it. I know lots of you want to have the kind of success Byron has had. I want to encourage you today that you can be you & succeed. You don’t have to be Byron. In fact, if you try to be Byron you will probably come off sounding inauthentic. Don’t be a robot that has the lines memorized & recites them. Use the personality that God gave you. Be a normal person as you talk with your prospective members & reps. I know…some of us were not normal to begin with…but be yourself. Use the insights Byron gives you in this video, add your own personality & tailor your conversation to your friend’s personality. Remember that you didn’t learn to walk the first time you tried. Be willing to try it & learn from what worked – and also what didn’t work. Byron got good at this ‘cuz he did it over & over & over again. You will get good at it too!



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