Dead Bears 3

Welcome back! This is Part 3 of Byron’s series “You Can’t Push a Dead Bear Up a Tree!” It seems obvious, doesn’t it? Of course we can’t push a dead bear up a tree! Yet, as a rep trying to build a business we are often doing that…metaphorically. So, what do we do different? How can we help ourselves & the reps on our team? In this video, Byron talks about reasons people go into “hibernation” & ways to keep them from going into “hibernation.”  There’s some profound truth here. Simple yet true. Don’t just watch the video…Apply the principles to your business. We can’t wait to hear your stories about all the bears that are coming out – or staying out – of hibernation!


Dead Bears 3 from Byron Schrag on Vimeo.

This is the last segment in this series “You Can’t Push a Dead Bear Up a Tree.” In part 2, Byron asked “Are you the dead bear?” Today, he discusses a way to “drive-thru” some of the bears that are hibernating.

He asks “how do we keep people from going in to hibernation?” And he answers with “the speed of helping someone start matters.”

He sees people sign up & no one gets back with them…and they go into hibernation. Or they get a small start & they are not equipped with the resources to help them. These people get discouraged & go into hibernation.

The first thing to know when you help someone get started is…know you only have a small window of time. You might have a few days, but ideally in 24 hours you help the new rep show their first couple of people. There are 2 ways to do this
Schedule a launch date within their first week. Help them invite people to their home or office
Meet individually with 2 or 3 people in first 48-72 hours.

Work with your new rep to get to the next person as fast as possible. Then help that person do the same thing – Schedule a launch date & show 2-3 in 48-72 hours.

One of the secrets to keeping people out of hibernation is adding to their team & showing them success in their business. When they receive texts from you congratulating them on the growth of their business it keeps them engaged & fuels the excitement.

Moving quickly is on of the keys to success. Keep working in that team until you are at least Lifestyle Qualified at Tier 2. Then start your second team.

Get your new people on the audios as fast as you can.
Get them plugged into the websites & team Facebook pages.
Get them to the events.

Building WorldVentures is not hard. It’s knowing what makes it work & doing it over & over & over.

Hope this helps! God bless!

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    • Christina Amaya
    • April 18, 2017

    Hello Byron, excellent video! Confirmation of what we’ve been taught. Simple and effective.
    Quick question, would you kindly clarify what you said on step 2.
    (After their Launch is scheduled within their 1st week.)
    #2 : You said: ” Some of the people they (new person) invite you can’t meet with. So in their first 48 – 72 hours, how can I meet with 2-3 people individually for them. To identify those that have interest for them.”

    Appreciate all you do to help us!
    Live Bear coming out.
    God’s perfect timing.

    • Christina Amaya
    • April 18, 2017

    Simple and effective. Thank you Byron and Susan.