Dead Bears 2

This is part 2 of Byron’s series “You Can’t Push a Dead Bear Up a Tree.” Today, he meddles a little bit & gets a little bit personal when he asks “Are you the dead bear?” But, don’t worry he doesn’t do it to make you feel bad or to put you down. If you are a dead bear – or one that’s in hibernation – he gives you the steps to start getting out of hibernation & into action.


Dead Bears 2 from Byron Schrag on Vimeo.

Cliff Notes for those who want to read instead of watch. Please understand that this is a paraphrase of Byron’s video. If you want to hear it how he really says it, be sure to watch the video 🙂

What does Byron mean by “Dead Bears?” Part 1 of this series was about one of the biggest mistakes Byron sees reps make. They don’t personally add enough customers so they work with the wrong people. They need to add more customers & reps so they’re not working with the “Dead Bears.”

Today, he’s asking a different question. Are you the Dead Bear? What if you had 10 other people who were just like you…They did the same number of presentations…they had the same number of personal customers you have…they go to as many events as you go to…their activity level is the same as yours… If you had 10 others doing what you’re doing would you be excited? If the answer is “no,” then Byron says you’re the dead bear.

Maybe you’re not dead, but you’re in hibernation. Here’s what you do…
1. Figure out what it is you want WorldVentures to bring into your life.
2. Identify what’s holding you back.

In life  you’re either a minus person or a plus person. Negative or positive. We get to be negative because of the things we allow into our lives. Things like the TV shows we watch and the websites we visit. Are they adding value or throwing negative in? If negative is going in, negative will come out. What about social media? Is it adding negative or positive?

If it’s negative, you can change it. You can be a plus person. Identify where the negative is coming from. Make a decision to eliminate it. Turn off the TV. Don’t read the negative news. Get rid of the social media that is negative to you. Start putting positive into your life. These things just might bring you out of hibernation. Once you’re out of hibernation, there are 3 steps to follow
1. Create activity. Show WV to people consistently. Consistent effort over time.
2. Get plugged into the events. Get around other people who are where you want to be. Learn new information. Be around positive people who will pour positive into your life.
3. Set short-range goals. Tiny goals like “If I show 10 presentations this week, I’m going to take my wife to dinner or a movie.” Then next week, set another goal to show 10. You’ll start making new habits and gaining confidence. It’s not that difficult to get out of hibernation, but it does take effort. Consistent effort over time.

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